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[Academic] Researcher (Education Technology)


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About Education Researcher

Education Researcher (headed by Pahamify Co-founder and President) task to figure out the next big things in educational technology. Research domains include but are not limited to: emerging technologies, online pedagogy, and educational technology business. It is an embodiment of an innovative research lab spirit in a dynamic, fast-growing EdTech startup environment.


  • Working closely with the innovation team to integrate the newest findings into viable solutions to solve Indonesia’s problems in Education.
  • Conduct literature review and searches, field surveys, and experimentation.
  • Research and development on business/learning models, strategies, and frameworks to be implemented in Pahamify solution.
  • Summarizing, analyzing, and interpreting the research data.
  • Documenting research plans and progress.
  • Writing and presenting the report.
  • Giving recommendations and incorporate existing research knowledge into programs.
  • Organizing budget effectively, including for off-site and overseas visits.
  • Upholding research ethics when conducting research.

Job Requirements

  • Relevant Qualifications (preferably graduated from top-tier universities with Master or Doctoral degrees in Education/Computer Science/Engineering/Economics or any related field of study).
  • Experience in researching socioeconomics or science & technology field area.
  • Publication in international journals would be advantageous.
  • Substantive knowledge of current educational issues and state and Indonesia education system.
  • Experience in collecting and analyzing quantitative or qualitative data.
  • Able to conduct various research methodology.
  • Able to operate relevant research tools or software (MATLAB/SPSS/SAS/R/Python/etc.)
  • Willingness and ability to develop new skills.
  • Highly motivated, independent, and able to work as a team.


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